How many reports to get banned on TikTok
September 20, 2022

How many reports to get banned on TikTok

TikTok doesn’t directly ban its users. In fact, it is nearly impossible to get banned on the platform if you are using it as a normal person would. 

However, if you broke terms and conditions, perhaps uploaded something that violates its community guidelines or other important things for the platform. That specific clip is guaranteed to be taken off the platform. 

However, you as a creator won’t be directly and immediately banned. Yet, if you keep doing those mistakes, and the number of times you do that exceeds the number it allows, you will be banned. 

However, there is no data on how many times can a person disregard its rules and conditions, or get reports before they are banned. 

The common consensus seems to be 5-6 reports according to some sources, However, that  number is not an accurate representation of the possibility to get banned on TikTok 

Because there are so many things that affect an account getting banned, the gravity transgression, the type of misconduct, and other such details. 

Let us uncover those in more detail in the next chapter. 

Things that will get you banned from TikTok

Although, it may seem counterintuitive for a social media platform to ban its users. Many social media platforms have been known to do just that. However, they don’t simply ban their users for no reason.

For an account to get banned, serious misconduct must have been carried out by that account. But even serious misconduct can take different forms, and we will talk about each of them now.


The first and foremost is nudity. It is also one of the most obvious misbehaviors that talking much is not quite necessary.  Since the platform is popular among Gen Z and many of the younger generation. 

Also, it is a social media platform, you know, it is not meant to serve any other content than what you would expect to see on social media platforms. Although a small percentage of the population would much rather see 18+ content

TikTok would rather not show them that on the platform. So, if you want to not get banned on TikTok then, you should not post any content of that sort or even come near it.

Hate speech

Hate speech is another thing that shouldn’t be allowed on the platform. TikTok is not the only one that doesn’t like hate speech, many other platforms do as well. 

But an account that posts hate speech won't’ immediately get banned. Especially if it is your first time. But that specific video will be banned and taken off the platform with a warning to the creator. 

What does hate speech mean on TikTok?

The simplest answer is the same which you may get from anywhere else as well. It is prejudice against any particular group of people. However, on TikTok, you cannot criticize CCP, the Chinese Communist Party, or spread unfavorable speech against it. 


Violence is also another self-evident topic that should not be displayed on the platform. It doesn't also matter who is doing the violence. But it is especially true if you are the one that is displaying that violence. 

Like with the rest of the violations, if you happen to publish a clip that depicts violence, you won’t be immediately banned, but the more you do it the higher the chances that you will eventually be banned. 

But if you plan to use the platform for just the normal means like an average social media consider, it is almost impossible to exhibit violent content because it is hard to come by. 

Promoting crime or dangerous organizations will also fall into the violent content. For example, if you support terrorists, then you are supporting violence as far as TikTok is concerned. 


Under self-promotion, the TikTok platform refers to the activities that content advertising your services like selling. Although, they don't consider you breaking any rules if you start selling on the platform. 

It will be extremely hard to gain followers or even views because of the nature of your content. They are also against self-promotion of the type when you are advertising prostitution or alike. 

The only type of self-promotion that is most allowed is the type when your aim is to gain followers. For example, you are a comedian, and you tell funny jokes. If you do this on the platform and gain a big following. 

You could call them to your concerts or to the live performances, which won’t be considered bad. Although, this is also self-promotion. 

So, the simplest explanation to tell the difference between the comedian and the other means of self-promotions is the fact that the former provides value to hte users on the TikTok platform as well.

While with the latter, or any other scenario, the sole aim is to milk something off the platform. This is not something that the platform would like.


Spamming is perhaps the only thing that is not allowed on any social media platform, not just TikTok.  But since TikTok is a platform that encourages regular and often publishing.

What is spamming on TikTok actually?


When the platform bans people from spamming, it is really not because you have posted way too many posts or clips, nor is it the time you spend on the platform. 

It is more the comments, and the reposts you do on the platform, especially the not okay kind

Because you are able to comment and like, or duet, and many other such operations. But if you keep commenting the same thing on all the videos you watch, that is already a bit suspicious. 

Underage content 

Underage content is also not permitted. If you get reported, for this reason, it is hard to get out of it without incurring some real damage to your account. Because when you sign up, you initially enter your age, and the app saves it.

However, when you publish underage content, you are not just breaking the rules and regulations of the platform but also lying to the app. 

Thus, the violation will be considered as two and more serious than other transgressions. In fact, it would be impossible to post content that is underage if you entered your correct age. 

Because the platform would end up rejecting the person who is not 16, as it is the age requirement. Then, you would not have even posted the content in the first place. 

However, that alone won’t get you banned on TikTok. It will only take the clip off the platform and warn you that you should not do this again. 

Promotion of illegal substances and activities 

Illegal substances and activities are surely banned on the platform which should come as more surprise. However, there are times when teenagers film how they are smoking weed. Although weed may have become legal in many countries, it is still illegal in many other countries.

The same is true for displaying indecent activities like prostitution or beating someone up even as a joke. 

The chances you are going to be permanently banned because you shot a film like this is like always quite unlikely. But the fact remains that if you repeat this action, you are definitely going to be banned. 

What happens if you get banned?

The short answer is that you won’t be able to post or do anything on the platform. 

But depending on if you are banned temporarily or permanently you can start using the app again. 

Since that all depends on the factors that we can’t really foresee, we are going to talk about what happens when you get permanently and temporarily banned.

Although it is not much you do during the time that you are banned whether it is Perma or Tempoban. But there will be a difference in how you will be coming out of it. 

Permaban vs tempoban 

Temporary bans happen when a user posts something indecent and violates the community guidelines. Depending on its severity the platform may suspend the account for up to 48 hours. 

However, the account holder will be notified beforehand and informed of their violation so that they refrain from repeating that again. 

The things that can be limited from an account that is tempo-banned is

  • Uploading a video,
  • Commenting,
  • Sending direct messages,
  • Editing your profile,
  • Starting and going LIVE,
  • And such typical activities for the duration of the ban.

How to Reinstate A Banned TikTok Account

If you think one of your clips got taken off without a fair reason, or your account was banned with no grounds you can appeal to the TikTok help center. But that doesn’t mean you will get it reinstated, it just means you now have direct contact with the platform. 

You could also contact them through the app itself if you only had your clips taken off but the account wasn’t affected yet. 

To do this you need to report a problem which you can do by:

  • Going to your profile first, 
  • Heading over to the privacy and settings option,
  • From there choosing report a problem option,
  • Go to the account issues,
  • Lastly, go the add an email and state your issues there.

Another way to contact them is to send them an email to other helping bodies. We will include their emails below:

How to get a banned account back

Now that you have all the possible ways to contact the platform, the next step should naturally be to understand the cause of the ban.

We have extensively talked about this above, so, you can learn more from it, but if you don’t feel like going back. 

It is easy to understand the ban because the TikTok platform will not only send you an email with full details on why you were banned but also tell you how you can get out of it if you wish to continue.

Although it is usually short, it will say, “Your account was suspended due to violations of community guidelines” or something of that nature. 

They will also leave a corresponding email that will definitely answer if you write. 

But before you write you should make sure to include some of the rings below. 

  • Proof of why it is no validation,
  • Proof that you are not under-age,
  • Proof that you did not copy or steal the content.

Depending on the transgression, the requirements will always be different. And in many cases, you could just get away with just proofing you are not underage or showing your ID or something. 

But having all of those will be of great importance when the platform is deciding in your favor. 

How to Not Get Banned on TikTok?

We have covered the things that get you banned, and the types of bans. Now it is time to talk about how not to get banned on TikTok. 

This may seem like a simple and straightforward thing, but due to TikTok becoming ever so stricter, it is not that simple. 

To not get banned, simply using the platform as a normal person would, won’t be enough. 

You need to make sure that you're not violating community guidelines

If you accrue more than a  few violations, then your account will be banned and you won’t ever be able to use that account ever again.

However, even if you have just a few violations and you stop breaking the rules. They expire over time.  

The platform doesn't have any exact information on the duration of the expiry. But we can deduce that it should be somewhere between a week or a few months, in the harshest cases. 

It is also possible that you can get banned if you have had many violations before, but they expired, and you did them again, and they expired again, and when this happens for the third time, that is likely to be permanent

Thus, even if the violations expire, and you are likely to be released from your violations, you should not have many on any account. 

Because even when they expire and you are freed from them, the platform keeps a record and knows about items at all times, and if you have more than they allow. The platform can you any moment they wish. 

Why does TikTok ban users?

Although you know how not to get banned on TikTok, you could be wondering why does TikTok ban users.

This is a question that should really be answered if we are talking about many reports to get banned on TikTok.

First off, time TikTok does this to keep the platform clean and empty of those content that could enrage its users. That sort of content could be anything from hate speech to sexual abuse, or animal cruelty,  or any other such content that will result in the suspension of your account. 

It is crucial for hte platform to do this, because its main user demographics is gen z, and it is a social media platform that is meant to entertain you, not to offend you, hurt you or bring any sort of negative emotions. 

Thus, if the user is doing one of those things that the platform doesn't approve of, that account will naturally be banned. 

If you got banned, then you can follow our instructions on how to reinstate a banned TikTok account paragraph, to see if you can get it back.

However, depending on the severity of your violation, you may not get it back. 


Can a Permaban be removed?

Yes. A permanent ban can be removed.  You have to get a person in TikTok that has a higher authority than the person who banned you. So it takes time, as it has to go through a chain of command.  If you have a lot of friends in TikTok, they can help persuade the powers that be to unban you.  If you have no friends, it may take much longer.

How long is a TikTok ban?

If you upload inappropriate content, TikTok may ban you for 3 days

If you break any rules, they may ban you for 1-7 days

But a Permanent TikTok ban is indefinite. You will not be able to log in or create a new account. The ban can be lifted anytime by appeal. The easiest way to appeal is by contacting support.

What will get you banned on TikTok?

As long as you stay away from the following you will be fine, but you should not

  • Use copyrighted music or images without permission. 
  • Make inappropriate videos involving nudity, animal abuse, or anything sexual. 
  • Use hate speech, and don't bully or harass other users. 
  • Use TikTok to encourage self-harm or suicide. 
  • If you're under 13 years old, don't use TikTok. 
  • Try to sell anything or use your account for commercial purposes. 
  • Break the law, and don't encourage others to break the law. 

If you violate any of these rules, your account can even be deleted

What happens if you get reported on TikTok?

After the first report, you won’t have any serious problems, or even after the first few. But if in case, you happen to receive more than 5-6 reports your account can get banned.

It will still be possible to reclaim your account back if you did not transgress hard and broke some serious rules. To do that, you need to contact the platform and explain the situation and present your case. 

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