Why does my TikTok have 0 views?
September 22, 2022

Why does my TikTok have 0 views?

Not long ago, we had clients complaining about an issue that was causing them to have 0 views on TikTok.

Then, as a result of our thorough research, we came to find out that it was due to a glitch in the system that they soon fixed. 

However, the same issue happened again with a few more of our clients. 

But this time, without doing any further research and finding out the reason, we went ahead and told her to wait, ensuring her that it was just a glitch.

Wait she did, and it was the correct thing to do, but this time it wasn’t the glitch, but something else, turns out we had helped her without knowing the reason. 

Thus, we knew, we actually didn’t really help and we wanted to find out even more and see what is really behind it all. 

In this article, we are going to share with you all the things that we have found starting from the glitch, to what we recently found.

Why does TikTok have 0 views?

Although there could be many possible causes for having 0 zero views, one of the first we should discuss is if you have the clip under review.

When you post a clip, TikTok doesn’t approve it right away, and this happens more often when you have a new account, and the platform does not quite trust you. 

To solve this issue, the only way is to wait but also to ensure you have a high-quality video that doesn't violate any community guidelines or other such rules, etc. 

If you think you might have this problem, you should try to share the video in question and see if you can. 

If the app doesn’t let you share, then you are most likely under review. The only thing you can do after is to wait

New account

There could also be several reasons why your content is being held under review. But the most popular and the most likely one is when you have a new account. 

Having a new account was never a bad thing or something that TikTok was suspicious about. But with the advance of the bots, and many AI creators, the platform now wants to make sure that the user is real.

We can’t shed a light on how the platform does that yet in this article. But we can say that holding the clips under review and checking the content inside and the publisher is one of the steps or aspects that they consider. 

For this, there are many important things you will need to do to guarantee your approval. Those are what we are going to be discussing next.

Low quality

First and foremost the quality of your clips is important not just to grow your channel and increase your viewership but in fact to get through the gates of the TikTok algorithm.

We are sure you have heard this term before, and with quite a high probably not just once. So what does low-quality content actually mean? Or the other question, what does high-quality content mean?

So, let us talk about that as well. 

High-quality content is different things for different platforms, but for TikTok, it is, first of all, the absence of violations of any guidelines. Those usually come in the form of plagiarism, improper usage of language, 18+ content, and more.

We will dive deeper into each of those but for now, the only thing that is necessary for you to understand is that your clips need to be;

  • Engaging 
  • Original

You can also incorporate other things that you think will add to the quality of your content. 

Wrong niche 

If having high-quality content did help you get out of the 0 views situation on TikTok. Then you should also consider other things like perhaps it was the niche. Because what often happens is that there are certain niches that are more competitive, but are better.  

For example, the comedy niche or the making people laugh at all costs niche. People really do engage with such content at alarmingly higher rates than any other niche. 

But this is also one of the most competitive niches in TikTok to break through. 

You cannot expect the platform to approve your first clip if you are now just starting, or even if you have been on the platform for a while. 

Thus, if you happen to be in any one of the competitive niches, then you should understand that TikTok will definitely the first review, check, and only then, approve

It could also be the case that the appointed number of TikTok algorithm bots that crawl each category are busy because the busier and the more content in that field, the more things to crawl to and check.


If you have zero views on TikTok, then, profanity could be another reason. As we have just mentioned it is crucial to use correct wording and language on TikTok. Although, you can swear on TikTok that doesn’t mean you can offend other people.

The platform can not stand hate language, racism, nazism, or such extreme forms of expression

You might be thinking “Hey, I don’t ever use any of those types of languages”. We believe you. 

The point is to inform you that TikTok needs to believe you too. But since, it is an algorithm, which effectively is just a bunch of lines of code.

It can’t access your emotions or intentions. The only thing it can do it to check and investigate against the checklist of requirements or prohibitions. 

Therefore, your clips might be getting approved longer or even might be getting stuck having 0 views. 

Duplicate content 

When you have zero views and can’t seem to acquire more, the more logical explanation is that you have duplicate content. You might think you don’t because you perhaps, reposted, or shares clips

But according to the regulations and rules reposted content is not really original content, which really makes sense. Thus, if you don’t get any views after reposting the content, it should come as no surprise.

Don’t think just because you are taking the content from the web, or from outside the TikTok platform that the algorithm won't notice it.

Because the truth is TikTok algorithm uses an advanced detection algorithm that scours the whole internet to investigate each and every single clip. 

It is, therefore important that you stay away from duplicate content if you want to receive more than 0 views on TikTok. 

Analytics not updated yet

The updates on TikTok as you may already know happen only at certain times. That time differs depending on your location. But from the algorithm’s point of view, it is every day at 12:00 AM

Now it is possible you published a clip, and the algorithm hasn’t yet picked up on the views. That is when it could show you 0 views even though you may have received some views.

When this happens the only thing you can do is to just wait it out. But to know if it is not other reasons, you need to try to share the clip. If you are able to share the clip, this means your content is definitely live and went through the investigation in a healthy manner. 


TikTok is a platform that takes location seriously. Indeed, it is one of the main considerations of the algorithm when suggesting a video. 

Thus, if you are to use VPN, you are making the algorithm confused. Since it has access to all the other data on your phone like your phone number, IMEI, and other details. It won’t know which location to recommend your clips to. 

When the algorithm gets confused, it is bad for you. For that very reason above. That is why, you want to avoid using VPNs, even to consume content. 

If you would like to post content to a different country and watch the content of another, or perhaps in a different language. You should be patient and let the algorithm know what you prefer. 

Banned items

On top of all those things, you could be using banned items or accounts.  You may know that TikTok has access to everything on your phone, from the IMEI number to the version of your phone and everything else about it. 

When you install TikTok you not only give permission for it to collect all those details but to keep them. Thus, if you ever had to delete and reinstall, you may think you have a new account but the app will still think it is that very old one you deleted for whatever reason.

Because, you don’t really ever delete anything, and if you had some problems on the previous run, this will impact the new run as well. Thus, you might not know that you have problems just because you just created the account, but may have inherited the old ones.

Therefore, if you have zero views, on TikTok, you need to be sure that it's your device’s first TikTok app, otherwise, you may need to get it fixed. In which case, you can start with a new device too.

How to fix zero views on TikTok

If you are still wondering why does TikTok have 0 views, stop. Because you know the possible causes, and knowing the causes is like knowing half the answer. It becomes super easy to fix it from there onward.

But as we have covered some of the most common causes for why you may have 0 views on TikTok. It is now time to let you in on some of the secrets and the best ways to get more views on TikTok.

No, these are not going to be cliche tactics, but of course, would include some of the most fundamental things that each and every TikTok should do to get more views.

Engaging clip

The first of those tactics is sure to make a video that will be engaging and capture the scrollers' attention. 

Although that seems given and a logic that many seem to understand, not many seem to abide by it.

Because there is another thing that is important to consider which is originality and authenticity.

While it is true that originality is crucial and in fact is one of the best ways to increase your views and fans on TikTok. 

The engagement can’t be substituted.

We can’t go deep into how to make TikTok clips engaging because that is not a piece about that. But we can go over it shortly.

So, to make an engaging clip, you are going to want to include various jump cuts or other effects in your clips, use bold language, and other such tactics that make your clips more appealing.

Popular sounds and music 

Another way to increase your views if you keep having 0 views on TikTok is by incorporating popular sounds and music. 

Tiktok is a platform that heavily takes advantage of trends and movements. It is therefore utterly important that you try to keep up with the

latest trends in music and sound with the platform 

Plus, the platform takes a special interest in music because it has a discover music section. Of course, it is not a YouTube, and you can’t listen to the music without including it in your post. 

But even with the discover option, it allows for wider flexibility. 

Using popular music not only helps you to increase the possibility of your views, but also the engagement rate. Because if you correctly chose the music that is trendy, you may be able to hold their attention for longer than they were prepared to give in the absence of the trendy music. 

Our verdict: avoid all those mistakes 

The best way to increase your views is if you avoid all the possible mistakes we have discussed.

Of course, among them are some technical mistakes that you may not have known about or have no control over. 

Things like TikTok’s database keeping your device info like your IMEI, and other information may be something you did not know about. 

But now that you know, you need to make sure that you create only one account on each device and focus on growing that channel. 

In regards to other issues, we have clear solutions right there in the section that you can turn to every time. 

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