Why does my TikTok keep resetting
Have you had issues with resetting TikTok? Do you think that TikTok just without your authorization or knowledge resets? If you had any of the following issues and want to fix them, you are in the right place This happens usually with only the newer uses. The main cause seems to be that the TikTok [...
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Why does TikTok take up so much storage?
You have been using TikTok for a long time and only now you are starting to notice that the app weighs quite a bit. You don’t remember how much it weighed when you downloaded but you can be sure that it was not that heavy, and thus did not take this much space.  If you […]...
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Why is TikTok forcing me to make an account?
Have you tried using TikTok lately and were asked to make an account if you would like to continue? This is especially true if you saw something you like and you automatically wanted to like it.  Whether you want to create an account or not we don’t know. But we know why is TikTok forcing [&h...
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Why does my TikTok have 0 views?
Not long ago, we had clients complaining about an issue that was causing them to have 0 views on TikTok. Then, as a result of our thorough research, we came to find out that it was due to a glitch in the system that they soon fixed.  However, the same issue happened again with a […]...
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